Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance is a private voluntary nonprofit and nonpartisan association of Code Officials represented throughout Wisconsin.  Our purpose & objectives are to:

  • Promote the health, safety and welfare of people in matters related to the construction, alteration, use and maintenance of buildings and structures in the built environment.
  • Establish, develop and maintain working relationships though an alliance of code officials, with State of Wisconsin and municipal officials, design professionals, building contractors and construction industry affiliates.
  • Encourage an exchange of ideas and information, and to encourage participation from a broad range of groups and individuals sharing an interest in the common application of statewide construction codes.
  • Provide a statewide forum for exchange of knowledge, information and ideas concerning building safety and construction regulation.
  • Provide professional training programs to facilitate a better understanding of construction codes and standards, uniform enforcement practices and approved construction methods.
  • Advance the professionalism of code officials by asserting the influence of the organization upon the development, adoption, use, and efficient and effective enforcement of nationally recognized codes and standards.