When did the Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance (WCOA) form?

The Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance officially formed on March 11, 2011. It became a Wisconsin corporation on March 16, 2011.

Why was the Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance formed?

WCOA was formed by code officials to provide a forum for inspectors from all areas of Wisconsin to work together to address common concerns in the construction regulatory industry while also promoting the purpose and objectives of the alliance. As such, the alliance is not a single purpose group, and invites Code Officials from all disciplines of construction (building, heating, plumbing electrical, fire and property maintenance) to become members.

Does WCOA have a “Mission Statement”?

Yes. The mission of the Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance (WCOA) is to provide all code officials with a professional forum to advance quality and safety in the built environment, through active participation in code development and rule making processes.

Who is eligible to become a member of WCOA?

The organization welcomes as members inspectors from all levels of government, private inspection agencies, architects and engineers, state regulatory officials, system designers, and industry affiliates holding an interest in the integrity of Wisconsin’s built environment.

What are the categories of membership?

Active, Associate, Supporting, and Honorary.

Which membership category would I be eligible for?
  • ACTIVE – Any person who serves as a code official of a Wisconsin municipality,
    unit of local government, or State agency.
  • ASSOCIATE – Any person who has an interest in pursuing the objectives of WCOA,
    but is not eligible to become an Active member.
  • SUPPORTING – Any company, association, or organization that has an interest in
    pursuing the objectives of WCOA.
  • HONORARY – Any person who has retired from service as a code official to whom an honorarium has been conferred upon for outstanding service to the WCOA
    organization, toward attainment of its objectives.
What is the purpose and objectives of the WCOA?
  • To promote the health, safety and welfare of people in matters related to the construction, alteration, use and maintenance of buildings and structures in the built environment.
  • To establish, develop and maintain working relationships through an alliance of code officials, with State and municipal officials, design professionals, building contractors and construction industry affiliates.
  • To encourage an exchange of ideas and information, and to encourage participation from a broad range of groups and individuals sharing an interest in the common application of statewide construction codes.
  • To provide a statewide forum for the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas concerning building safety and construction regulation.
  • To monitor the legislative affairs of the State and Federal Government and lead in the resolution of public policy issues on matters of importance to the regulatory industry.
  • To provide professional training programs to facilitate a better understanding of construction codes and standards, uniform enforcement practices and approved construction methods.
  • To advance the professionalism of code officials by asserting the influence of the organization upon the development, adoption, use, and efficient and effective enforcement of nationally recognized codes and standards.
What are the annual membership dues?
  • ACTIVE MEMBER– $40 (Active municipal/local unit of government, or Sate
  • agency Code Official status required)

Membership is based on a calendar year.

Is WCOA classified as a non-profit organization?

Yes. WCOA was granted 501(c)(6) non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service on September 27, 2011.

When did the Alliance become a member of the Alliance of Regulatory Coordination (ARC)?

The Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance joined the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination on March 18, 2011.

How is voting authority decided?

Each member is entitled to vote. The membership elects the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors elects the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary from among the Board of Directors. Member voting is identified in the section on Voting of the Bylaws.

Is my vote being cast for the community, organization or company I work for?

No, you are voting on your own behalf as a Code Official.

Who are the current Board of Directors and Officers of WCOA?

The organization was started as a corporation and an initial board of directors was required to be identified as part of the corporation submittal requirements to the state. The initial board of directors as identified in the Articles of Incorporation are; Fred Baumgart, Tom Johnson, Ken Nowak, Richard Paur, Robert Premo, and Scott Satula.

The current Board of Directors and Officers are as follows:

Board of Directors –

  • Fred Baumgart
  • Tom Johnson
  • Nicole Krahn
  • Richard Paur
  • Robert Premo
  • Ed Lisinski
  • John Dahl
  • Brian Flannery
  • James Price

Officers –

  • Ed Lisinski-Chair/President
  • John Dahl-Vice-Chair/Vice-President
  • Brian Flannery-Secretary
  • DA Mattox-Treasurer
What type of Committees does WCOA have?

Membership, Government Relations/Code Development, Education, Bylaws, Technology and Strategic Planning.  We are always looking for committee volunteers so please contact Brian Flannery if interested!

Click here for a current list of committees and members

How many are meetings are held and is attendance mandatory?

At a minimum, there will be one Annual Membership Meeting for elections on the third Wednesday of January each year. Based on the amount of business that needs to be conducted, there may be additional Memberships Meetings throughout the year. The Chairperson has the duty to call Membership and Board of Directors Meetings based on accomplishing the purpose and objectives of the organization. While attendance to both Membership and Board of Directors Meetings is open to all members, attendance is not mandatory at any meeting. WCOA bylaws permit attendance at meetings and voting through teleconferencing arrangements.

Is WCOA affiliated with the International Code Council (ICC)?

Yes. WCOA officially became a “Local Chapter” of the ICC on October 29, 2011.

How does WCOA differ from the other Inspector organizations in Wisconsin?

WCOA is the first state wide organization to form in Wisconsin with a membership consisting of a broad-based group of code officials. As part of the WCOA’s objectives, its members will actively participate in the development of State and National codes and Standards and legislative rules and administrative procedures involving the regulatory industry. WCOA will work with State and National agencies to help develop rules and procedures so that services can be provided to Code Officials and their customers in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible..

Does WCOA have a lobbyist?

Not at this time. As a 501(c)(6) organization, WCOA has the ability to lobby on issues it deems important to meet the purpose and objectives of the organization.

Does WCOA operate under an established set of bylaws?

Yes. WCOA bylaws were officially adopted on March 11, 2011.

When are elections for the Board of Directors held?

Elections are held for the Board of Directors and Officers at the Annual Meeting. Each year, there will be an election for three (3) new Director positions.